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Due to the current Covid-19 safety guidelines, we have to manage services and booking times very carefully; so online bookings for waxing services are temporarily limited to larger or multi-package services.

If you wish to book a 30 minute wax service at £32 for strip or £34 for Hot wax you can do this online. To add a quick wax service to other beauty services, please call 0207 357 7006 or email

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. We hope to reinstate normal online booking shortly.

We offer a choice of waxing, hair removal and depilatory services for men and women including traditional strip wax, hot wax, Electrolysis and IPL laser hair removal. If you’re unsure which is the best treatment for you our therapists will be delighted to talk with you and discuss the options.

Hot Wax versus Strip Wax

The main difference is that the hot wax method involves melting the wax prior to use, then applying to the skin. As the hot wax cools it constricts around the hairs trapping them for removal. Once the wax is hard the therapist pulls the wax away leaving the skin clean and hair free.

With the standard strip wax method the wax is applied then removed using a fabric strip.

Pre waxing advice and aftercare

  • Your body will be more sensitive if you are stressed so we suggest you arrive in plenty of time so you can rest a moment, cool down and be relaxed before your hair removal treatment.
  • Avoid heat treatments and vigorous exercise 8 hours before or after your wax.
  • For facial waxing please do not use products or medication that include vitamins which can thin the skin (i.e. products that contain AHA’s. This may lead to the skin becoming fragile and may cause skin to lift off during waxing treatments.
  • Stay out of direct sunlight and away from sun beds for 24 hours before and after treatments.
  • Use a sensitive deodorant for around 2 – 3 days after waxing. Avoid bathing with very hot water.
  • Wear loose clothing on the day of your appointment. And avoid wearing your best underwear for a bikini wax.

Waxing Treatments

 Privacy CodeStrip WaxComboHot Wax
Full Leg & BrazilianW1£59£65-
Full Leg & HollywoodW2£64£69-
Full Leg & Bikini Line ExtW3£46£51-
Full Leg & Bikini LineW4£4449-
Full LegW5£38--
Three-Quarter LegW6£35--
Three-Quarter Leg & BikiniW7£45£48-
Three-Quarter Leg & Ext BikiniW8£47£51-
Three-Quarter Leg & BrazilianW9£57£63-
Three-Quarter Leg & HollywoodW10£62£67-
Thigh Upper LegW11£31--
Thigh Upper Leg & Bikini LineW12£41£47-
Thigh Upper Leg & Ext Bikini LineW13£43£49-
Thigh Upper Leg & BrazilianW14£58£63-
Thigh Upper Leg & HollywoodW15£62£68-
Half Lower LegW16£29--
Half Leg & BikiniW17£37£43-
Half Leg & Ext BikiniW18£39£45-
Half Leg & BrazilianW19£54£60-
Half Leg & HollywoodW20£58£65-
Bikini LineW21£16-£18
Ext Bikini LineW22£18-£21
Full ArmsW25£32--
Half ArmsW26£20--
Under ArmW27£16-£18
Upper LipW29£15-£17
Lip & ChinW30£25-£27
Sides of FaceW31£18-£20
Eyebrow & LipW33£25-£27
Eyebrow, Lip & ChinW34£32-£34

Our Waxing Privacy Booking Code
To keep your personal business and discreet we’ve a booking code (see our price menu below). If you prefer, simply give reception the code when booking your waxing appointment and mention whether you’d like strip or hot wax.

Great, quick hot wax bikini line treatment followed by an AMAZING back, neck and shoulder massage. Thank you!

The therapists are always so welcoming and friendly. They are quick, but attentive. I have never had a problem post waxing.


Men’s Waxing Treatments

 Privacy Code Strip WaxHot Wax
Full BackMW2£30
Half BackMW3£20
Half ArmMW4£20
Upper Chest (Light)MW5£19
Upper Chest (Heavy)MW6£30
Chest & Abs (Light)MW7£30
Chest & Abs (Heavy)MW8£42

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