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Hair Colour: Your questions answered

Aveda hair colour expert, Ara, answers your questions on colouring your hair and dispels a few myths along the way.


Q: Is it possible to colour my hair too much?

A: If hair is coloured professionally, using the highest quality gentle products, there is no reason why you can’t have your hair coloured regularly.

But to keep your hair looking glossy and healthy it is important to follow a good home care conditioning regime between colour appointments.

At The Stress Exchange we only use Aveda professional colour which is up to 96% naturally derived and cruelty-free.


Q: Why has my hair developed a khaki green tinge?

A: Chlorine in swimming pools is the enemy of blondes in particular, and can cause hair to take on a khaki green colour.

The chlorine causes hard metals in the pool, such as copper and iron, to oxidise. Platinum and icy blondes, as well as grey hair tones, often develop a greenish hue because of this exposure to oxidised hard metals floating around swimming pools – it’s the metals, not the chlorine, that actually cause the hair to change colour.

Wash your hair immediately with a colour-safe formula such as sun care hair and body cleanser. Its babassu-derived cleansing system gently and effectively removes harsh chlorine, while plant oils help to maintain moisture balance.

Aveda Sun Care Range


Aveda Sun Care collection

Manage the effects of harsh sunlight with Aveda’s Sun Care hair & body collection available at The Stress Exchange.

Jetting off to sunny shores? Read our holiday hair care tips here.


Q: What’s the difference between a professional hair colour and a home hair colour?

A: Quite simply having your hair coloured in an Aveda salon means it’s done by a professional hairdresser, expertly trained in all technical aspects of hair colour, who uses the best techniques and plant derived products.

Stylists study for many years to learn their craft and have a wealth of expertise and knowledge about the colour process, and how it can affect hair.

A professional hairdresser will give you the perfect blend of bespoke colour to match your skin tones, eye colour and personality, using the latest technologies to ensure the shine and vitality of your hair is maintained while giving nature a helping hand. Box dyes just don’t offer the same quality of product or degree of precision as an expert hand.

Permanent colouring chemically changes your hair and can alter its structure, so it’s best carried out in a professional environment. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward dramatic change you will more than likely need to use a special pre lightener, which again relies on the expertise of a professionally trained hairstylist.

“What a pleasurable experience! Lovely ambience, very professional and a most relaxing atmosphere. Next time in London I will definitely be back and I have had so many compliments about my hair colour Thank you so much.”

Dianne, The Stress Exchange client


From dull to vibrant in just 10 minutes

Have you discovered Aveda’s color shine treatments for instant healthy shine and radiant colour?

1. Refreshing: a quick colour refresh to revive faded colours, perfect for summer.

2. Grey hair blending: blend up to 75% grey hair, brilliant for low maintenance colour services.

3. Shine treatment: add lasting shine to your hair for up to 20 washes.

You see and feel the difference with Aveda colour.


Q: Why use Aveda colour aftercare at home

A: Even with today’s gentle professional hair colours, dyeing your hair can cause dryness and damage, especially without proper care and maintenance between appointments.

During the colouring process chemicals are used to open the hair’s cuticle so the colour molecule can penetrate deep into the hair cortex. The colour molecule then oxidises and swells, and becomes ‘trapped’. To maintain your colour longer it’s important that the cuticle is closed to help keep the colour pigment within it.

You can’t achieve outstanding hair colour without healthy hair explains Ara. People often invest a lot of time and money on getting the right colour, but overlook the aftercare.

Using a good colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner will help to repair and nourish your locks, while preventing your gorgeous new colour from fading.

Fight the fade

With plant-derived ingredients, and 100% organic natural fragrances Aveda’s gentle color conserve range not only preserves your hair colour, but also prevents further drying out.

The shampoo gently cleanses without stripping colour-treated hair, helping keep hair colour vibrant longer, while the color conserve conditioner leaves hair silky, soft and shiny. Plus, like many Aveda products, they smell heavenly.

If you have any questions about colouring your hair why not book a complimentary colour consultation with one of The Stress Exchange’s colour specialists? Call 020 7357 7006. Or browse our hair colour menu for men and women.

For our professional tips on making your hair colour last longer and stay more vibrant read our tips here.

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