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Hot holiday hair tips for cool looks

As your thoughts turn to sun-drenched escapes, remember chlorine, salt and sunshine take their toll on hair colour and condition.

Avoid sun-stressed tresses with our stylist Ara’s beach survival guide for hair:


1. Get ahead for peachy, beachy hair

“Summer-proof your hair before your getaway with an in-salon deep conditioning treatment to boost moisture levels, repair damage and reduce frizz,” advises The Stress Exchange’s Ara.

“Healthy hair is much easier to care for and style – our Aveda treatments start from just £9. Ask your stylist to recommend the right one for you.”

If you’re jetting off to sunny shores let your hairdresser know at the start of your colour appointment so they can tone down the colour as, even with a hat and sun screen, those fierce rays will lighten hair a couple of shades.

And don’t forget to book your post holiday appointment before you go so re-growth, over-brightened tones and frizzy ends can be dealt with immediately on your return, and before you have to face the world…

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2. Prevention is better than cure for sun-stressed tresses

“It’s not just poolside that your hair needs protection,” warns Ara. “Whether zooming round in an open-top car, taking in the sights or enjoying an alfresco lunch in a sunny beach bar your hair and scalp need protection against those damaging rays.”

UV rays break down the protein in your hair leaving it frazzled, damaged and faded. By far the easiest way to protect it is to throw on a hat.  But if a hat’s not for you, spritz frequently with a SPF spray like Aveda’s Protective Hair Veil, a lightweight, invisible UVA/UVB screen which guards against hair dehydration and colour damage.

Parting advice
If you wear your hair with a parting she recommends applying water-resistant sunscreen along it as the scalp is highly sensitive and burns quickly.


3. Chlorine damages hair condition and colour

Exposure to chlorine can give hair, especially blondes, a khaki tinge.

Ara recommends soaking your hair with clean fresh water before your dip as wet hair soaks up less harmful chlorine than dry. She adds, “If you can’t take a pre-swim shower, I find bottled water is a handy standby.”

She continues, “Ideally cleanse your hair immediately after your swim to remove salt and chlorine residues. I always pack a gentle colour-safe formula such as Aveda sun care hair and body cleanser. If I can’t wash my hair there and then I give it a very through rinse with clean water, and cleanse as soon as I get back to my room.”

Stay sun-safe
And, as you would sun screen for your skin, remember to re-apply your hair protection after a refreshing dip.


Aveda's Sun Care Range
Aveda’s Sun Care Range

4. A holiday treat for hair

After your swim hydrate thirsty hair with After-Sun Hair Masque from Aveda’s Sun Care range, an intensive conditioning treatment that restores and moisturises weak, frazzled hair.

Gently work this nourishing treatment through from roots to tips, and wrap your hair in a towel. Now kick back, relax and top up that tan while the masque restores that vital moisture and leaves you with healthy, shiny locks.


5. Beach-worthy dos

Braids and plaits continue to be strong trends for holiday hair. Ara suggests,“ Multiple mini braids or a fishtail plait are simple to do and are quintessential beach hair. Once dry, loosen them, shake your head and you’ve artfully tousled just-rolled-out-of-bed hair.”

In a dash? A low, sleek pony, tied with this year’s must-have bow accessory, is simple and cool, while the messy bun is always a winner – why not make it a double bun for a quirky twist? Or wrap a vibrant, boho scarf around to swiftly tame unruly locks.

On a wave
Pump up the volume at night with these loose windswept beachy waves. Mark shows you how…


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